Beaver and Steve WLM skin

A funny and different WLM skin featuring Beaver and Steve



Although The unfeasible adventures of Beaver and Steve went on indefinite hiatus per 20 June 2008, there are lots of people out there who still love this website comic.

The personality and the funny adventures of these two strange creatures leaded it to be very famous in the Internet, and, as all famous things in Internet, it also has its own skin for Messenger.

Beaver and Steve WLM skin is different from the rest of skins you'll have ever tried. It fully changes the look and feel of WLM. Not only does it changes the colour of the background, but it also changes the shape and add WLM that strange but funny flavor of the comic. Icons, fonts, status, chat windows... everything will be different

Just have a look at the screenshots and you'll convince yourself that you must download Beaver and Steve WLM skin.
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